As photographers, we spend A LOT of money on our gear and our software to keep us up and running and relevant within our industry so we can provide our clients with the best possible user experience. When black Friday and Cyber Monday come around we are scouring the internet for all the current deals. […]

Black Friday Deals For Photographers 2020

black Friday deals for photographers 2020

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For Photographers

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Ahhhh bridal details, the key element to tying your wedding day together and telling the perfect story of your day. You probably spent many hours planning and selecting the perfect font on your invite or countless hours online looking at shoes that would match beautifully with your dress. It is now my job to pair […]

Bridal Details Checklist

bridal details on the wedding day

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Bridal education

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HOW TO INCORPORATE YOUR BRAND VISION & VISUALS INTO YOUR SESSION First of all, let’s discuss what a branding photoshoot is, and why you need one…like, yesterday. You know how actors have headshots to sell and market themselves as a brand? It’s the same thing! As a business owner, you are the face of your […]

How to Prep for a Personal Branding Photo Shoot

how to prep for a branding photoshoot

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Personal Branding

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Visuals play a crucial role in how you portray your personal brand to your customers and clients. It’s important to remember that customers shop with their eyes and will often make decisions based on their first impression of someone. Personal branding involves influencing the way potential customers see you and view your products or services, […]

Why Personal Branding Photography is a Must for Entrepreneurs

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Today I want to share a quick tip that I recently discovered in Lightroom! I just made my editing life a WHOLE HECK of a lot easier. I always categorize my images in Photomechanic (Oh, if you don’t have photomechanic we need to have a serious conversation… no, really you are missing out on the […]

One Quick tip to speed up your Lightroom workflow

speed up your lightroom workflow

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For Photographers

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MY PHOTOGRAPHY OFFICE WORKSPACE I feel like this post has been a long time coming. I have always loved to decorate so naturally making my office really pretty and comfortable is something that has always been important to me. Let’s face it. I spend about 10 hours a day in this space and if it’s not tidy, pretty […]


light bright and airy photographer office with soft pops of pink and blue

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My favorite new bag! House of Flynn-Evermore review     To say that I am excited about this bag is an understatement! Who doesn’t love a great bag? I have some pretty strict requirements in a camera bag after a few flops with some very expensive ones I have owned in the past. I won’t do any […]

My favorite new bag! House of Flynn-Evermore review

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For Photographers

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