My favorite new bag! House of Flynn-Evermore review

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My favorite new bag! House of Flynn-Evermore review

camera bag review Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography



To say that I am excited about this bag is an understatement! Who doesn’t love a great bag? I have some pretty strict requirements in a camera bag after a few flops with some very expensive ones I have owned in the past. I won’t do any name calling BUT my previous bag was almost $400 and started falling apart only a few short months after owning it! Here are a few bag “must haves” then check out my review on my shiny new one!

beautiful camera bag Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography


This may sound like a given but if you are putting a $3000 lens in your bag without the cap on to quickly change lenses during a wedding then that sucker better have a soft interior! My last one had somewhat of a scratchy texture inside that I was always afraid of it scratching my lenses! I know, I know you are probably thinking I should just put the darn cap on! Well… I don’t always do, so in the middle of shooting. Give me some softness in there so I can feel at ease that my gear won’t get scratched!


Again, this may be a given but how durable is your product? Photographers carry these bags A LOT. The straps have to hold up to the wear they are going to get wedding after wedding, shoot after shoot. This topic brings me to my next point. Keep on reading!


Nothing is worse than spending hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money only to find out months or even weeks after you own it and it fails that 1- you can’t get ahold of anyone. Or 2- you might be SOL altogether based on their policy. I have heard SO many great things about House of Flynn and not to mention her Facebook group has an incredible following of HOF lovers! The owner Maureen is active in the group and really makes you feel connected to her and her brand.


Let’s just say that I need space and LOTS of it in my bag. I want to be able to put my 70-200 WITH my Camera body attached inside and still, have plenty of room to zip that bad boy up. Pockets… lots of pockets, please! Removable velcro compartments are super helpful so I can put all my gear in there the way I want to.


YES! One of the main reasons we spend so much money on these things is because we want our bag to be as stylish as we are! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to walk around with a bag that looks like a camera bag and screams 1980’s fanny pack (although those are cool again). The HOF bags come in some pretty amazing colors. I REALLY wanted the blush pink one, but I happened to snag this light gray one on clearance so I went with it!

Now, let’s move on to my review of my new bag.

As I mentioned above, I grabbed this one on clearance and I looked on their site today and this particular color is gone. Hence why it was probably on clearance. There are so many to choose from so you won’t have lack of choices here. I love bold colors but just personally, I called my old bag the ‘green bag of death’. That sucker ended up in SO MANY of my photos! Why? 1- because I set it down next to me then back up and keep on shooting and there it would be on the edge of the frame! UGHHHHHH. I kicked myself every time I had to clone it out! The green stood out like a sore thumb! If this happens again, and it will, at least this one will be a more muted soft color! So if you are like me, stick with a neutral color.



beautiful camera bag zipper pockets Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography

Ahhh! I love it! So many pockets and the best part is…. they all zip! This is an extra safety measure when you have things you cant risk losing because you bend over and things fall out of regular pockets that don’t zip. That’s big for me! Look at these memory card holder slots! So awesome! Need a clean card? Just unzip the front pocket and boom they’re right there. I do use a few small pelican cases for my cards, but I may put a card or 2 here anyway.


interior of beautiful camera bag Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography

One of the things that drew me to these bags is the cool interior colors. Each style of the Evermore has a neat pattern for the inside and man is the fabric soft! Just what I was looking for.


I didn’t know this till AFTER my bag arrived but you can unzip the secret compartment and make your bag into a backpack!! EEEEKKKK! If I wasn’t happy before, I’m really happy now! What a genius idea! Huge selling point if you ask me!


large camera bag with lenses beautiful camera bag Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography

Did I just curse for the first time on my blog? Kinda… Seriously though, I love the style and most people would just think it’s just a cute giant purse. I also won’t look like I’m carrying expensive gear around if I’m traveling out of state being a target for thieves, so win again!

I haven’t had my bag long enough to comment on the durability quality, so maybe I can do another post in a few months to give you an update on that. Nor have I had any issues with customer service. Overall, I’m SUPER happy thus far and I highly encourage you to check out HOF.

leather details of beautiful camera bag Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography back side of leather details of beautiful camera bag Carrie McGuire Photography Temecula Wedding Photography

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PS I want to hear from you! Whats your favorite bag? Comment below!

  1. The pockets!! All about having pockets, and this bag is so chic and sexy. Could just use it as a going out bag. 😉

  2. This bag is gorgeous!! I struggle finding good looking camera bags.

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