One Quick tip to speed up your Lightroom workflow

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speed up your lightroom workflow

Today I want to share a quick tip that I recently discovered in Lightroom!

I just made my editing life a WHOLE HECK of a lot easier. I always categorize my images in Photomechanic (Oh, if you don’t have photomechanic we need to have a serious conversation… no, really you are missing out on the editing lifesaver of our modern photography times), then when I upload them in LR, I can start going to town on each individual category. I do this for several reasons that make editing SO much easier. One of them being that I don’t get overwhelmed while working on a gallery and I can edit section by section at a time. This actually helps me stay consistent because most images are in the same light, scene, etc. And I have a kid, so yeah, I’m getting up all the darn time tending to all his needs… jeez why can’t you just sit quietly all day, son? (J/K) I forget which category I finished sometimes and have to go back through image by image wasting precious time. I put my smarty pants on this afternoon and realized all I had to do was right-click and add a dang color label!

BLUE is complete! DANGGGG. It’s silly, it’s small, but I thought I would share if you have the same workflow too!! Now, having to photoshop out the butterball in my picture above is another story… (facepalm).

If you would like more information on my Photomechanic or Lightroom workflow for wedding, feel free to drop a comment below! If you don’t already use photomechanic and want to give it a try, they do offer a FREE 30-day trial on their website! Once you realize you can cull a wedding down in an hour you will be hooked! Use that free time to play with your kiddos or relax with a glass of wine. For more great info for all my fellow wedding pros, head over to the education section on the blog!


  1. Ryan says:

    damn you are way more organized than me!

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