How to Prep for a Personal Branding Photo Shoot

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how to prep for a branding photoshoot


Personal brand photoshoot for wedding planners and woman entrepreneurs  in business

First of all, let’s discuss what a branding photoshoot is, and why you need one…like, yesterday.
You know how actors have headshots to sell and market themselves as a brand? It’s the same thing! As a business owner, you are the face of your own brand and people want to connect with people, not companies. You’re not just selling a product or a service, you’re selling yourself and the experience people have when working with you. Your branding photo should be a representation of that experience. If you want to attract your ideal clients, you can do better than iPhone selfies. (And I promise, you’re worth more than that!) Think your website is the only place you might use this photo? Think again! You can use it on social media, maybe business cards, or if you ever give talks or teach seminars. Once you need it, you’ll be thankful you have it and don’t have to scramble for that semi-decent picture your spouse took at the pumpkin patch last fall. Let these photos elevate your brand but be specific to it as well. 

Now, before you hit the “Inquire Now!” button to book your shoot, make sure you read these tips to prep for your shoot! THEN hit the “Inquire Now button 😉


Personal brand photoshoot for wedding planners and woman entrepreneurs  in business

The first steps are simple but very important.
Make sure you have a clear vision of what your brand is, and be able to use specific adjectives to describe it. The more descriptive, the easier it’ll be for me to capture it! For example, you could use a vague adjective like “cute”, but maybe you actually mean “whimsical” or “feminine”. Color palettes are also key! When in doubt, pull some examples from Pinterest too. But make sure you add your flavors to any inspiration photos- we want to capture your vibe, not replicate someone else’s. When pinning on Pinterest, look for vibes, & feelings along with colors and textures- not just poses. I’ll handle that part mostly!


Personal brand photoshoot for wedding planners and florists,woman entrepreneurs  in business

The first rule of thumb on camera is to avoid logos (unless it’s your own, of course) and tons of patterns.  Incorporate your branding colors, but don’t feel the need to use ALL of them. Less is more, but also consider the shapes that your clothes make on your body. If this confuses you, try on your potential outfit and backlight yourself, having someone take a photo of only your silhouette. That’ll help you decide whether or not you like the shape your clothes are making. Also, be sure to try sitting down in things, and doing any action that you might do daily in your work environment. Hot tip: heels are always a good idea. They elongate the legs and make you naturally stand up straight.

It really comes down to making sure you’re choosing outfits and accessories that make you feel confident and are on-brand. Don’t stress over trying to pull together an outfit with every color in your logo though!

Confidence is key in headshots too, so if you want to invest in a blowout or a professional makeup artist, go for it! I have plenty of recommendations if you need them.

Personal brand photoshoot for wedding planners and woman entrepreneurs in business

For props, find things that you do actually use in your daily work environment too! If you’re a florist, It would probably be a good idea to bring some fresh flowers and scissors, or ribbon, vases, etc. Don’t feel pressured to have them be in your branding’s colors, neutral is usually better for props. Do incorporate your logo, if you can just to add some extra branding too. 

The biggest tip I can leave you with:
Have fun and don’t be afraid to be a visible part of your company. 

Can’t wait to get you on the books and elevate your brand! 

  1. Priscilla @Its_PriscillaB says:

    This was SO helpful. My business launches soon and this brought so much ease into my shoot planning process. Wish I was in Phoenix! 🙂

    • says:

      I’m so happy it could help! best of lunch to you with your business!

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