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3 ways to livestream your wedding

Wedding priorities are changing. More than ever we want our loved ones to take part in our wedding day celebrations. With so many state and local restrictions, our gatherings are reduced to extremely small numbers. But this doesn’t mean that your closest friends and family can’t take part in your special day! The good news is we live in a time where technology is on our side and everyone who you ever wanted to attend can join in from the comfort of their own homes. With Zoom calls and weekly dance parties in your living room, this type of celebration is becoming the norm for most of us.

Before you set up your iPhone, take into consideration these 3 ways you can turn your intimate wedding gathering into a truly memorable live celebration to remember.

Wedding ceremony at Hotel Irvine Wedding Venue in Irvine California captured by Wedding photographer Carrie McGuire Photography


Almost everyone has a Facebook account or knows someone that does so it’s the easiest way to get everyone online quickly and efficiently.


You can share your designated link with your friends and family on your digital invitation. Having it unlisted will ensure only the people you want to see it have access to it. Keep in mind you have to have at least 1k Youtube subscribers to do a live stream


Event Live offers a live stream that can be as private as you want it to be with unlimited guests, event reminders one hour prior, and then again 15 minutes prior, unlimited re-watches, and more for only $50 per event. The best part is no one has to download a thing!


You can most certainly use your phone to cover the event but just remember you at the mercy of your phone’s microphone (which gets worse the further you are from the subject). This is super fast and almost anyone can do it. You just need a tripod and a good cellular connection or wifi hot spot. The downside of all this is you have no way to monitor the Livestream and the connection and the audio.


The most affordable option that has Livestream builtin is a Go-Pro and with a really nice price point! You can check it out HERE. You can actually monitor it from your cell phone while you are in the audience. I would highly recommend bringing an extra battery and portable charger pack with you because the last thing you want is to lose battery during the ceremony or reception.

You can also enhance the audio with the Media Mod that features a built-in directional mic for clear audio with reduced wind and ambient noise plus a 3.5mm input port for an external mic. This item was just released so make sure you order ahead of time because it does go out of stock often.

You will also need an audio mic setup and I highly recommend the RODE Wireless Go.this This is the easiest and most streamline setup that will mount perfectly on top of your Go Pro’s Media mod setup. I will say if you are highly considering this option, don’t hesitate to pick this up as the manufacturer is having a really hard time keeping up with the demand and the wait time is about 30 days form any supplier I looked for across the web.

Lastly, you can most certainly handhold your Go-Pro but I highly recommend investing in the Go Pro’s mini extension pole. it will set you back about $40 and you will have a little bit more control over hand holding the small Go Pro in your hands. SIDENOTE- Go Pro’s newest model, the Hero 8 Black, had incredible stability built right in, there is really no need to invest in a gimble for this particular event. This entire setup will set you back about $650


The most stress-free way to make sure your celebration is documented in the most memorable way possible is to hire the professionals to do it. Your photographer and videographer have the skills and proper equipment to have the most beautiful stream available and at a price comparable to the amount of money you would spend to do it right. We have this as an option in our luxury elopement packages as an add on for only $250 and would love to talk more about how we can provide this excellent service for you on your wedding day. To find out more CLICK HERE – connect with us and see our dream team of vendors.

There you have it! You are now set up for success for live-streaming your wedding! I hope these tips bring you many memories for years to come.

  1. […] For some people not having family there is simply not an option. You know what?  Technology is on your side. We couldn’t be in a better time for having a virtual wedding. Consult with your planner if you have one, videographer, or photographer about how to live stream the ceremony so that your friends and family can all be there with you. You can also check out this blog post we did on live streaming HERE […]

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