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Love doesn’t stop in lockdown. Our new reality is providing an amazing opportunity for people to rethink what their priorities are on every level. How we connect with others has become a priority and the slow down of what we used to consider everyday life has given many of us a chance to pause and re-assess what’s important.

Love doesn’t have to wait, in fact, the external rules that are governing large gatherings may be the thing that actually pushes you to have the wedding of your dreams rather than a diluted version of your Pinterest fantasy.

Human beings are resilient and rather than crawl into a shell and hide, we’re always dreaming up new ways to do things and to meet new challenges.


Wedding professionals have been telling their clients for years that the best way to bring the cost of a wedding down is to go small.

Small doesn’t have to be a compromise. In some ways the fact that we are not allowed to gather in large numbers right now can be a relief for some couples. The stress of having to manage family expectations of what their wedding should be can be exhausting. Rather than this being a constraint, consider the idea that a micro-wedding or elopement might be the most freeing thing that ever happened to weddings!

So how do you approach your wedding when you were planning a big event, and you may only now be able to have a few if any people present. We’ve partnered with a few of our favorite vendors to put together ideas for you of how to move forward and still have the wedding of your dreams in 2020. You can check out the packages we’ve put together to take all the stress out, (because haven’t you had enough stress already!) and give you a luxury experience that is beyond what you dreamed was possible. 

Check out these 5 innovative ideas to having a dreamy intimate wedding

future wedding ideas micro luxury weddings

1. Have a micro- intimate wedding on your planned wedding date and then a larger celebration in a year

Have you considered having a scaled-down version of your wedding at a family residence or Airbnb?

It’s possible to have a beautiful intimate gathering with the people who are the MOST important people in your life. One of the best things we can learn from our present reality is what really is important to us. What are our core values? 

2. Get Married in Nature

Is there a beautiful outdoor place, that wouldn’t have been appropriate for a large gathering for logistical reasons, but is really special for you guys as a couple? Or a place just so breathtakingly beautiful that you secretly wished you could get married there but knew that there was no way to create a whole wedding you have to hike to? Well, now’s the time to make that dream a reality. Pack an amazing picnic, or camp for a few days, invite a few close friends or family members who are up for an adventure, maybe have one of them get ordained. You can do this easily on-line. (insert link here, possible affiliate) Get married in a truly spectacular setting while keeping safely distant outdoors!

3. Be the star of your own wedding feature

future wedding ideas intimate wedding ideas

Pinterest and Instagram are so inspirational but don’t you wish those pictures came with a price tag attached.

When a lot of couples start planning their weddings, the reality of how much their vision costs can be a real shock. Often big compromises are made on a design level, because of the cost of having to multiply centerpieces by 20 and bridesmaids by 8 or 10. When you reduce your guest count significantly you CAN have that wedding you’ve been dreaming about and pinning! With a micro wedding, not only have you freed up a huge portion of your budget that can go towards things like an amazing flower arch or installation, an exquisitely designed table, an incredibly talented photographer who will make you guys look like the stars of your own movie, complete with make-up and hair team. You can have the wedding of your dreams, the kind you would see on Martha Stewart or Style Me Pretty, and not go into debt for the rest of your lives. 

4. Plan a virtual wedding

plan a virtual wedding intimate wedding ideas

For some people not having family there is simply not an option. You know what? Technology is on your side. We couldn’t be in a better time for having a virtual wedding. Consult with your planner if you have one, videographer, or photographer about how to live stream the ceremony so that your friends and family can all be there with you. You can also check out this blog post we did on live streaming HERE

5. Focus on Being Present

Yes, large weddings are wonderful celebrations, but one thing that couples don’t really understand when planning a large wedding is that the day goes by in the blink of an eye. It’s one of the reasons that photos are so incredibly important for every wedding and choosing your photographer wisely will help you to remember the feelings and moments of your wedding for years down the road. When you have a large wedding, sometimes you don’t even have time to say hello to all your guests, eat the food you agonized over, or even really see the floral decorations you spent months planning and choosing. The day goes by so quickly as you move through your carefully orchestrated timeline that this day that you’ve planned and thought about, sometimes for years, is over before you ever have a chance to take it in. When it’s just you and your love and your very closest of friends or family, you have an opportunity to truly be PRESENT for your wedding. To savor every stunning detail of the day, to take in the love of the people around you. 

We know that getting married right now can seem frustrating, heartbreaking and terrifying. But being creative and finding different ways to approach the wedding can help you to create something that in the end, may be more special and more magical than what you thought your wedding would be. To help couples navigate the new normal, we’ve created a few micro wedding packages with the best of the best wedding vendors out there, so you can relax and enjoy your day, while we put together an amazing wedding for you. We’re here to help guide you through this time and to help you create one of the most important and incredible days of your life. 

You can find out more about or luxury intimate wedding packages HERE

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