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5 reasons you need a weddind album

Your grandmother dancing on your wedding day. The moment your father walked you down the aisle. Your eyes brimming with tears as you and your best friend see one another for the first time. Your first married kiss. These are all priceless moments that deserve a beautiful album to keep them.

Weddings go by in a blink. You spent the greater part of the last year planning a perfect event and it’s 12-hour window felt like 12-seconds. The most beautiful, memorable, magical 12-seconds of your life.

We were there to capture it.

I saw your grandmother and framed her just right in the doorway. I captured the look on your father’s face as he snuck a peek at you with his beamingly proud but nervous smile. I quietly captured you and your best friend and the palpable love between you with that first look. I was the one, who got in close for the most important kiss of your life.

That was me. Your photographer. The visual artist who took your “felt like 12-second” wedding day and turned it into art. That image you hung so proudly above your mantle or couch – I created that.

I am passionate about producing images that immediately bring you back to that moment in time. That transport you back to the moment you said, “I do” and every moment on the journey there and celebrating after.

What I wish more couples knew is that an album is so much more than a book. It’s a visual history of your wedding day. It’s the book your kids and grandkids will pull out over and over again to cherish the memories (and perhaps giggle at the fashion/style). An art piece is a daily reminder of your love story but an album is the history in full color, for generations of your family to enjoy.

Sure, you could just back it up on a thumb drive but what if thumb drives go the way of VHS? What then? Books may have been transported to e-books but nothing compares to the feeling of holding a book in your hands, smelling the binding that only a book can have, and reliving the story inside those pages.

My top 5 reasons why an album is a “must have” for your wedding:

It’s a visual history of your wedding day.

Family and friends don’t want to look at a digital gallery. They want to see you, in full color, in pictures. Gathered around the table reliving and feeling those memories all over again. Nothing beats a tangible album.

5 reasons you need a wedding album

Technology has a habit of becoming obsolete

Where has VHS gone? Hard drives crash. Phones change every 3-6 months. Thumb drives get lost. Why trust technology when it’s constantly changing?

Wedding centerpieces with david austin rose white anemone white roses and dahlias

You may have thousands of wedding images

It’s a lot to manage. A professional album designer like your photographer can help you choose the best images to showcase your day in a much more manageable way. Leaving you to enjoy the end result!

Elegant custom made wedding invitations with vintage details

 You could order one online but the quality just isn’t there.

You often get what you pay for and while cheap “album” companies pop up online the pages aren’t archival quality and bindings aren’t seamless. It’s an inferior product prone to damage over time and not a legacy curated album. Not to mention the colors and tones in the pages are perfectly calibrated to our monitors so how you see your images when we deliver is exactly what the quality will be when we deliver yours.

Mother of the groom wedding handkerchief gift

An album is a hardcopy reminder of the vows you made to one another.

It’s a tangible heirloom you can pass down through the generations.

I am your photographer but your wedding is the masterpiece. Relive it over and over in a professionally designed, custom created album of your history.

I cannot wait to hear you tell me how your children and their children get swept away with your bouquet, the moment you said ‘I do’ and your reception photos.

Album building is legacy building and I am proud to be part of that.

carrie mcguire photography temeucla engagement and wedding photographer engagement shoot at imperial sand dunes in Glamis california

I hope you enjoy some of these tips! Comment below and tell me your thoughts! be sure to check out some of our other wedding tips HERE.

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