3 reasons why Temecula Wine Country is a beautiful wedding day choice

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Temecula Wine Country is quickly becoming one of the most desired locations for weddings. It is a booming area for events of all varieties and we know it’s only going to get more popular as we see more couples come through to celebrate their special day at the many wineries here in Temecula.

So why is Temecula Wine Country one of the most beautiful locations for so many weddings throughout the year?

Rolling hills, vineyard views, sunsets that take your breath away, and the architecture of the different venues are just some of the reasons so many couples get married in Wine Country.

The Vineyard and sunset views

Temecula wine country is full of the most stunning vineyard views. From the top of Falkner Winery’s Pinnacle Restaurant overlooking wine country to the vineyard garden reception and the pond reception space at Ponte Winery, the views are stunning everywhere you look!

WEDDING TIP: Be sure to check with your venue to receive images of what the vines look like close to your wedding day!

Are sunset photos important for you on your wedding day? When looking for your wedding venue, find out where the sun hits the horizon at the time of year you are looking to get married! You just can’t beat the Temecula Golden Hour on a wedding day, and each venue has a different location where the sun hits the vines throughout the year.

WEDDING TIP: Find out where the sun sets at your venue! Hiring an experienced Temecula wedding planner is a great way to ensure your timeline is organized for the best use of lighting for your photos and wedding day events (including making sure your ceremony doesn’t happen after sunset)!

                The variety in culture

The varieties in culture and history make Wine Country one of the most unique and diverse locations architecturally to say I DO. Fazeli Cellars Winery has the most stunning grand staircase and Old World wooden doors that give you a subtly rustic and very elegant feel on your wedding day. Callaway Winery, with their clean lines and contemporary style, is perfect for a bride and groom looking for a modern style venue. Villa De Amore for its Tuscan inspired architecture.  There are over 50 wineries in Temecula wine country with more opening up every year! Each winery with its unique look, feel and style make the options endless for newlyweds looking for a special location that speaks to their love story.

WEDDING TIP: Narrow down your style before touring wineries. Are you looking for a water feature or lush trees? Are archways and brick your thing? Do you need an awesome staircase to descend from into your ceremony? Talk with your fiance and narrow down your venues before touring and make sure each one has some element of what you are looking for aesthetically. It makes all the difference when making that final choice!

                        The Wine

Ok, I know what your are thinking this is a given, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Temecula Valley offers so much variety in wine. Not to mention some wineries offer a year’s membership when you book them as your wedding venue! This makes a great excuse to come back, pick up your shipment, make a weekend day trip out of it and relive all your wedding day memories over a glass of wine. Better yet, most of them have a private member area that offers comfy seating areas better views and even more privacy for the two of you!

So narrow down what you’re looking for and come see all of the incredible venues that Temecula has to offer…maybe I’ll see you at one of the wineries!   

Looking for a wedding photographer to capture your Temecula Wine Country wedding? Lets chat!

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