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Gentlemen, this blog post is for you, and its part of our ongoing series called; “Ground Up Groomsmen Style”.  There are tons of blog posts and helpful articles on line catering to Brides, but what about the Groom?  Where’s the love for the dudes?  We want you looking your best, so in this series, we’ll do our part to keep it simple, helpful and straightforward.

The first part of Ground-Up Groomsmen Style starts, well.. at the ground with your shoes.  Shoes might not seem all that complicated, but truth be told, the wrong shoes can ruin an otherwise polished look.  Now, I realize a lot of people will personalize certain aspects of their wedding wear and opt to go with sneakers, flip-flops or cowboy boots.  In this realm, anything goes since you’re adding your own personal stamp and who can say that’s wrong?  That’s why for the sake of this article, I’ll only be discussing traditional dress shoes because it’s what we see most often.

Not all dress shoes are created equal.  It’s up to you to decide whether you want a formal look or a more classic casual look.  Formal is pretty straightforward and hard to mess up.  In this case, you’ll most likely be going with black shoes with a high shine.  With black shoes, chances are you’ll be wearing a dark color suit.  The only thing left is the shoe style.  To keep it simple, just avoid square-toe shoes at all cost.  Go with the more traditional rounded toe with clean, classic lines.

 Magnanni Shoes

The same rounded toe rule applies throughout this article.  Avoid square toe shoes at all cost.  Yes, people notice your shoes.  Square toe shoes are typically a lot chunkier in design and they add bulk to your feet.  The idea of a well put-together suited look is to be streamlined from head to toe.  For example, you could have the most perfect-fitting James Bond suit and ruin the entire look with chunky shoes.  Don’t do that.


If your wedding is outdoors, or if you’ll be wearing a lighter color suit, you have so many more shoe options at your disposal.  This is where you can have some fun and add personality.  With a light color suit, you can go with just about anything in the brown family.  You can go with lace-ups for a more classic feel, or slip-on loafers for a slightly more casual feel.  Wingtip or cap-toe brogues are always a good classic option, but if you want to step up the style, you can go with some sexy monk straps.  You can also go with a simple elegant polished style.

 Magnanni Shoes  Magnanni Shoes 

Paul Parkman Shoes  Paul Parkman Shoes

Check out this color guide from for more tips on coordinating suit and shoe colors.
This is your wedding day and all eyes are on you!  Make sure you give them something nice to look at.

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  1. Carissa says:

    Although I’m not a dude, and I’m not a soon bride to be, I believe that you can tell a lot by a man’s shoes! Im one that takes immense pride when the man I’m with is well dressed, clean cut, boss like! I remember shopping for my ex boyfriend and I chose 5-6 outfits for him! Let’s just say that people were turning their heads and giving tons of compliments!
    This is a great guide for groom’s to be, sometimes men need a little help when it comes to their big day. It shouldn’t only be about the bride to be. Great blog and I absolutely loved the color suite and show guide!

  2. Patricia says:

    I’m not a guy either, and I’m not a bride to be. However, I think this guide is useful for guys, even if they are not planning to get married anytime soon! I too like the diagram of the different shoes and outfits to match. Very good for the fashion-minded guy in our lives.

  3. OvenStruck says:

    Very refreshing to see a style guide for men! I’m not one but boy oh boy do we know how some Grooms could definitely use this! If style isn’t their normal thing, I think this is fabulous for the big day! The chart is fantastic!

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