10 things you should ask your makeup artist during your consultation

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Today I have the honor and privilege to have Michelle, with Sandra Michelle Artistry on the blog with her top 10 questions you should ask during your wedding makeup consultation.

10 things you should ask your makeup artist during your wedding consultation

Michelle is the owner of an incredibly talented makeup artist team in Temecula California. I have had the privilege to work with her over the last 4 years on many wedding and engagement sessions. Michelle and her team were recently hired for my sister’s wedding this February at Grand Traditions Estate in Fallbrook. I took the seat as a bridesmaid so it gave me the opportunity to experience her expertise first hand and it was nothing short of amazing! The entire team worked flawlessly together for 6 bridesmaids, a mother of the bride and of course the bride herself. While I was sitting in the chair I too had questions to ask about products, tools of the trade and preparation beforehand. I got to thinking that this would make an incredibly informational post for her future clients and my own.

All of our years of experience has given us a little insight and we’ve learned that one of the most important parts of working with a client is that initial phone consultation! So make sure you take the time to get all of your questions answered upfront! Here are our 10 most asked questions! 

Q.  What is your team’s style?

A. Although each of our styles differs slightly, as a whole, we love a classic look with a modern twist. What does ‘classic’ mean to us? Think of what Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe would wear today! It would most likely be a softer look with a few pops of drama! We want for you to look back on your photos in 10, 20 or even 50 years from now and still feel proud of how you looked!

Q.  When should I book a hair and makeup team?

A. The short answer is ASAP! You should begin researching your hair and makeup team at least 6-12 months before your wedding. Once you’ve searched all over the world wide web and you have the artist/team that you’re obsessed with, contact them right away, set up a phone call or in-person meeting and if you still love them… BOOK THEM!

Q.  Do you require a deposit, how much is it, does it go towards my final balance and is it refundable?

A. We at SMA require both a signed contract and a 25% retainer to secure your date. It is NOT an additional fee and does go towards your total balance! The retainer paid is non-refundable since we’ve held that date for you and in the process, have turned away any other brides that have inquired with us.

Q.  Do I need to do a trial? When should I schedule my trial and what days do you and your team provide trials?

Circle Oak ranch wedding by carrie Mcguire and Sandra Michelle Artistry

A. Would you buy your gown without trying it on first or would you book your venue without taking a tour first? No! You do NOT want to be playing the guessing game on your wedding day! Make sure you love your look on YOU ahead of time! This way if you need to make any changes, you’ll know in advance and be able to communicate this to your artist and have the PERFECT look on your wedding day!

    b. We schedule trials M-F from 8am-4pm and recommend having your trial done 2-4 months prior to your wedding. We call this the “Sweet Spot!” It’s close enough to your wedding that you have all of your major details planned but far enough out that you’re not being bombarded with a million calls, texts and emails about those final details. We want you to be fully present, relax and enjoy the pampering process! 

Q.  How many artists do I need for my bridal party?

A. We calculate how many artists you need by your total number of services. Typically each artist can do 6-8 services. 

Q.  I’m getting married in Temecula, Ca., do you charge a travel fee?

A. Travel on your wedding day is included if you are within 30 miles of our studio in Murrieta, Ca.

Q.  Aside from the services, what other expenses should I anticipate?

Circle Oak ranch Wedding venue Fallbrook California fine art wedding Carrie McGuire Photography and RSVP Florals

A.  We do our best not to charge any additional fees however the fees below may be required in the event that a bride has asked us to…

       1. Travel additional mileage (see above)

       2. Start early (Before 7am)

       3. Add on artists (Service minimums not met)

       4. Style and place extensions. (Extensions purchased through SMA are excluded)

       5. Stay additional hours (Look change or touch ups) 

Q.  What time do we need to start getting ready?

A. We provide a detailed timeline roughly 2 weeks before your wedding date. We base our entire timeline off of your photographer’s timeline. Generally, each artist needs 45min per bridesmaid/attendees service, 60-75min per bridal service, 30min for setup and 30min for final touchups. 

Q.  What brand do you use in your kit?

A. To provide the very best looks, each artist uses different products from multiple brands! The most common brands used are: Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, Dior, YSL, Tarte, Nars, MAC, Temptu (airbrush), Smashbox, Makeup up Forever and many others. 

Q.  What are your prices? Do you have a minimum?

A. Each bridal party is so unique. We offer custom proposals based on your bridal party and the services requested. Pricing varies depending on your lead artist & a 6 service minimum is required per artist. 

We welcome any comments below as the beautifying process of your day is so important! Lastly, I even have the top tip for brides to ask from a new bride herself, my sister! What a great way to get all the information you need from everyone!

10 things you should ask your makeup artist during your consultation

Aimee, what is the top tip you can give to others when preparing for their wedding day in regards to hair and makeup?

I love this question! I am also a licensed esthetician, so you can trust me 😉
2 weeks before the wedding:
-Wear makeup as infrequently as you can to help clear up any stress-breakouts!
-Start sleeping with a humidifier by your bed to replace any lost moisture in your skin
-Drink all the water. All of it.

1 week before the wedding:
-Get a facial. But not an intense peel or anything. Just a nice calming, restorative facial to clear your pores and reset your skin.
-Keep up with the water and humidifier.

The night before the wedding:
-Water, water, water. Try to ease up on alcohol too (for many reasons).
-Get a good night’s sleep.
-Use a moisturizing mask (but make sure you’ve tried it before without any skin reaction!). Carrie uses this one and loves it! Bliss Honey Mask

The morning of:
-If using inspiration images to show your artist, make sure you’re selecting some that have similar lengths of hair, skin tones, etc. Especially if you haven’t done a trial (I HIGHLY recommend a trial though!)
-Trust your professional. Try not to sneak too many peeks before they are finished. They have a process, and you seeing your eye shadow might not be what you wanted if you don’t have your liner or lashes on yet- but only because the look isn’t complete!

You can check out Michelle and her talented team HERE.

Want to see more from my sister’s beautiful Fallbrook wedding at Grand Traditions Estate? Click HERE


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