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Summer weddings! Who doesn’t love them? They are fun, bright, and colorful and on top of that the warm summer weather also enhances their overall appeal. So if you are planning to go down the aisle in summer, there are many things that you should keep in mind for sure.

So here are some summer wedding planning dos and don’ts that will make your guests remember your marriage for all the right reasons. Let’s get started!

  1. Hydrate for you and your guests, water station or for fancier idea coconut water

Whenever the temperatures rise, getting enough to drink is really important because even sitting under the sun will lead to dehydration. For most people, water is the best thing to drink to stay hydrated. Sources of water also include foods, such fruits and vegetables which contain a high percentage of water. Sports drinks with electrolytes may be useful. If you are not into such kind of drinks, you can also go for a more natural alternative. Water-enhancing electrolyte tablets, coconut water, or a homemade sports drink could be potentially effective substitutes.

  1. The sun sets late, plan the appropriate time for those gorgeous golden hour photos

Golden light generally shows up during the golden hour, which is an hour after sunrises and an hour before it sets. These times aren’t exact though, since it all depends on where you live in the world! You can also get more or less time for golden hour according to your location.

  1. A Small bag for touch ups?

It’s very needy to have a bridal makeup touch-up kit on hand through all the tears, laughter, dancing and other stuffs to ensure your flawless look all day long. But the question now arises that what bridal makeup kit items should you include in your emergency bridal kit?

For Your Sparkling Eyes

Eyeliner: Pick simple black eyeliner from your local drug store. Almay Liquid Eyeliner has a fine point so you can easily fix any smudges that appear.

For a flawless face

Makeup Finishing Spray: Refresh your look after it’s finished and whenever you make minor touch-ups throughout the day.


For Luscious Lips

Lip Balm: Keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day is so important, especially for an outdoor wedding, or after you get wedding cake on your face.

  1. Setting spray for your makeup

To really arm your face against the love, sweat, and tears of an unforgettable day, after you’ve finished your last coat of mascara and dusting of translucent powder, apply a setting spray. It seals in foundation, making it impossible to budge and also binds every layer of makeup together, providing a long lasting finish.

I love Urban Decays! I use it on wedding days myself to keep my makeup fresh all day long!


  1. Skip the perfume

If you don’t want swarms of bees around you, skip the scent until the evening hours when you can freshen with a gentle spritz.

  1. Keep your flowers fresh and protected from the heat

Preserve your flowers with hairspray. Remove them from the vase and lightly spray the petal undersides while holding the can several inches away. Hang the flowers upside down to dry before returning to the vase. Mix together one cup of water, one cup of 7Up and half a teaspoon of household bleach. If more liquid is required, increase the amounts proportionally.

  1. Add frozen drinks to your menu

No summer event theme is complete without a few signature frozen summer drinks. We have compiled this list of frozen cocktails and beverages to help give your ideas as to how to spice up your outdoor party. Drinks like Frozen Rock Lobster, Frozen Mangorita, Florida Rum Runner etc. Serve any one, a couple or all of them and your guests will get to sample a little taste of paradise.

  1. Bring in the fans!

Keep hand-held fans on each chair.  Fans can also double up as your wedding program, which all your guests can keep as a personal memento after the wedding.

  1. Skip the train

If you’re having an outdoor wedding we suggest skipping the long train because of its length and bulk it will undoubtedly get very hot!

Have your fiancé wear a breathable suite, linen

During the winter seasons, tweed, wool, and cashmere suits are appropriate and wearable as the material not only looks structured and professional but also keeps you warm. Linen is a classic material for summer and it is one of the most popular fabrics for summer suits due to its light weight. Linen has a visible weave and attractive natural texture. It also wrinkles very easily, which is part of its easy charm. However, if you’ll be wearing this suit to work, you may want to try a linen blend that also contains cotton or wool which will eliminate the issue of wrinkling of the garment.


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