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When we first book our brides, the number one comment we hear is; I don’t know how to pose! I get it, standing in front of the camera with a total stranger nuzzling up to your man typically isn’t the most natural thing for most couples! My answer is always the same! “WE GOT YOUR BACK.” So for anyone who feels a little intimidated about posing or nervous about feeling awkward in front of the camera, then this post is for you!

1. Take a deep breath and relax, You got this!
We like to approach our sessions a little different than most. We schedule your session 2 hours before sunset so there is ample time for an outfit change. This will relieve most of the stress about not getting the perfect light. We have a super awesome system called TAVE that tells us what time sunset will be. How cool is that!? We start out by arriving 15 minutes BEFORE your session start time to take so-called practice images. Yes, I take photos during that time just in case I capture something we can’t live without but consider this time for us to get to know you a bit, chat about how you met, and teach you our five core poses. I won’t go into much detail on those but trust me, once you learn them you won’t forget them! Doing this is SO important to us because this is the reason why we offer you a complimentary engagement shoot! We want to get to know you before your big day. We also want you to get to know us too! Trust me; this makes for a seamless wedding day knowing your photographers ahead of time. Not to mention John and I never stop talking! I get to more of that later.

Now, teaching you a few poses doesn’t mean you can’t be yourselves. Do what’s natural to you. If you are in the moment and feel like going in for a kiss, DO IT! We encourage natural connections. Hold hands, cuddle, nuzzle in and remember there are no rules on this. Laugh through the awkward moments together, and your true personalities will shine through.

Temecula Rose garden was the PERFECT location for these two!

2. Choose a location that you love!
Another fantastic way to open up during your engagement shoot is to choose a place which you both love. I also like to recommend implementing your hobbies into your shoot! If you are like us and like wine, then that’s a no-brainer, choose a vineyard! Like coffee? How adorable would it be to have your session at a charming, intimate coffeehouse? ( I have some great recommendations by the way.) If you are the outdoors type, Then maybe a location in the Santa Rosa Plateau will be perfect for you. In short, whatever it is you like to do, then do that.

Rose Haven Heritage Garden

3. Plan ahead and make a day of it!
Last but not least. There is nothing worse than feeling unprepared. This will only leave you and your finance agitated or even worse, fighting. No one wants that! You put a lot of time and money getting your hair done, your makeup done, and choosing the perfect outfits. Take the necessary steps to leave on time, map out the location and keep our number close by just in case you run into any issues. We do our best to communicate all the details ahead of time. You will find all the info you need in your engagement email so keep that within reach too!  Lastly, Make it a date night! You look amazing! Chances are you feel great too. Go out for dinner and drinks afterward and keep that love going!

Bonus tip!
Don’t have a few drinks BEFORE your session. I know that sounds like a great idea, and your fiance’ would agree that that would surely make you more comfortable, but don’t do it! No one wants images where they have bad posture or are sleepy-eyed. Enjoy that time a few hours later where you can relax and chat about your session over dinner.

For more engagement session tips check out this post on What to wear during your engagement session HERE.

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