A Tale of Reconnection and Love: Jennifer and Kevin’s Westgate Hotel Wedding in Downtown San Diego

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: From High School Hallways to Bumble Match

They say some people come into your life for a reason, and this couldn’t be more true for Jennifer and Kevin. While they first crossed paths in high school, fate had other plans and brought them together years later through a swipe on Bumble. Isn’t it beautiful how life has its ways of reuniting people when the time is right?

The Classic Beauty and The Duke: A Match Made in Heaven

Jennifer’s timeless beauty could remind anyone of old Hollywood glam. Her infectious smile, capable of lighting up any room she walks into, perfectly complements Kevin’s calm demeanor. On their wedding day, Kevin looked nothing short of royalty, evoking the poise of a duke, especially when standing beside his stunning bride.

Why The Westgate Hotel in San Diego Tops My Venue List

As a wedding photographer who loves the fine art film aesthetic, finding a venue that matches that vision is always a treat. The Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego is one such gem. What sets The Westgate Hotel apart is its utter commitment to customization. Whether you’re swooning over the Fountain Terrace or enamored by the opulence of the Versailles Ballroom, this venue has something to offer every couple.

A Lavish Affair: The Wedding Reception in the Versailles Ballroom

Held in the Versailles Ballroom, Jennifer and Kevin’s wedding reception was a Parisian dream come true. As if ripped out of a storybook, chandeliers elegantly dangled from the ceiling, reflecting the soft glow of hundreds of white candles set upon the tables. Each detail, right down to the shimmering place settings, added to the room’s luxurious atmosphere.

The evening had its share of special moments, but two in particular stood out. First, the Champagne Tower—poured with none other than Veuve Clicquot. The clinking of glasses resonated as the champagne trickled down, a golden cascade symbolizing abundant joy and prosperity.

And then came the first dance—a choreographed fairytale so emotionally charged that it left the room teary-eyed. Every twirl, every look exchanged, was a testament to the love they shared. It was a beautiful dance, full of meaning and raw emotion, that neither they nor their guests would soon forget.

Sereven Events and Design executed the couple’s vision flawlessly. The team created a warm, inviting Parisian vibe that complemented the room’s grandeur.

The love between Jennifer and Kevin was as evident as the beauty of their chosen venue. Their history, their connection, and their obvious affection for each other make this one wedding I will never forget. If you’re considering tying the knot in downtown San Diego, The Westgate Hotel should definitely be on your shortlist. And if you’re as lucky as Jennifer and Kevin, maybe fate will lead you back to someone who was always meant to be in your life.

Venue- Westgate Hotel https://www.westgatehotel.com/

Serene Events and Design- https://sereneeventsanddesign.com/


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